Monday, March 29, 2010

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bukisa Basic - Wrting Jobs

Bukisa is a newer work from home site that pays for unique page views. This means that instead of being paid every time someone clicks an ad on one of your pages, you get paid when your page is actually displayed.

Bukisa is free-to-join work from home site and accept articles from 250-5000 words, plus other types of content. The more content you submit, the greater the amount you paid.

* In a nutshell, you earn when people read, watch or listen to your content.

Another way you make work from home money with Bukisa is through their revenue sharing model. You get paid for those who subscribe Bukisa under you, down to three levels deep.

* You get paid when people read, watch or listen to your network content.

Your work from home earning potential with Bukisa determined by Bukisa Index. This index is adjusted each month based on the overall performance of the site's revenue.
The Bukisa index is set to a number, and this figure represents the amount the member will serve for 1000 pageviews. If Bukisa index is 3.45, you'll earn $ 3.45 USD per 1000 page views.

Many have reported that they have done well with Bukisa. Now granted these are usually experienced work from home freelancers who know what it takes to achieve a decent amount from their efforts, which can create much content in a short period. Others have found their earning relatively little.Bukisa pay via PayPal on a monthly basis. You can set your cash levels and payouts start at $ 10.00.